Steps for building a landing page

Do you wanna know how to build a landing page that converts? So stay tuned, this blog is just for you.
Landin Page is one of the most essential parts that can become an important factor to trigger your visitors and to showcase some of your special products or services.

A landing page is essential for your website because:

  • It can showcase your product and services.
  • It is a good way to pitch clients.
  • It can generate leads from lead forms.
  • Quick interactions with potential clients

But, before that, let’s get started with a simple question:

What is a Landing Page?

Basically, a landing page refers to the first page that is specially designed to convert visitors into clients. An effective landing page must be highly optimised, targeted, attractive, genuine, and with a simple lead form that is visible clearly to visitors.

Mainly, landing pages are built to generate leads and sales, it is called funnelling/filtering of visitors. This works when a visitor clicks on the advertising shown on google or any other websites, they landed into a targeted landing page. And, hence as the name suggests, it is known as Landing Page.

The sole purpose of Landing Page

The main objective of a good landing page is:

  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales

Difference between Landing page and Homepage

Many people often to confuse a landing page and a homepage. It can be commonly seen that many people run adverts that directly redirect to the homepage, that’s a great mistake. As a Digital Marketer, you should clearly avoid that too. 
A Homepage is an overall showcase of everything in a bit. Means, you can see everything including product/service showcase, blogs, lead forms, testimonials and much more. Whatever you can see in the home domain name (i.e /index.html) is called the homepage. It is just to showcase a small list of your business culture, dealing niche or website motive.

Whereas, a Landing Page is more optimized and focused on promoting a single or a certain targeted product listed for a special occasional sales. Further, this page is also used as advert page, means, when a visitor clicks on the ads of that website, then they will see the landing page first, rather than homepage first.

Ways to create a Landing Page

There are several ways to build an attractive landing page:

#1 Using a wordpress plugin

You can download and install a landing page creator plugin into your existing theme. There are several plugins to use for building a landing page that converts. Also, after the Gutenberg module implementation, you can easily create a new landing page even without the use of plugins.

#2 Using a WordPress theme

If you want to import a new WordPress landing page theme, you can easily do so. Here you will be able to create a completely new theme without any hassle. You just need to edit the theme a lit bit.

#3 Using a Landing page website builder

There are two main websites in this category, and Here you will get hosting and special dashboard to monitor the metrics in an optimized manner. But the cost would be up around 30$ monthly for this extra service.

#4 Hire a web developer

If you want no mess, and to simply want a clear solution, then just hire a web developer. They can easily build a more optimized landing page, with any design you want. And the cost would be much lesser and onetime for creating the landing page that generate leads and increase sales.

Tips n Tricks to follow after building an optimized landing page 

  • Pick a correct domain, it may be subdomain or a standalone separate domain, but it should be short and memoizable
  • One clear genuine motive, the vision and motive of that landing page must be clear and directive with a view to express and showcase products with real benefits
  • Make sure to keep the landing page clean, its a big no to use huge number of links to other pages unnecessarily.
  • Use a powerful call to action that triggers visitors.
  • Follow the rule – “just 1-click away”
  • Use attractive offers and discounts that are clearly visible in the landing page itself and not on other/next pages
  • Make it mobile friendly
  • Add some important social sharing buttons, you can use api.
  • Speed must be super fast. Servers where you files are stored, must be blazing fast, no one likes a slow loading website
  • Make a plan B before launching plan A. That means, be ready with a next theme and compare which one triggers the best.

So these are some tips and trick after building a powerful landing page. Now you know the power of landing page, right? Its the best way to fulfill the clients demand and trigger sales in a more effective way.