How to create a blog for free and make money online

Something big is coming, right? Yes! that’s the introduction of digitalisation. You see, any information you need at any point of time, whom you ask? Remember. You immediately Google it and google simply redirect you to a relevant website, and that’s where blogging comes into the role. So, today we will discuss How to create a blog website and make money online. Factually, there are tons of monetisation ways, if you have the right audience. In this blog, we will discuss How you can start a blog and generate a good passive earning out of it. But, you might be thinking, how blocks of text and generate a good amount of money, right??

And, honestly, why people will generate your website particularly, right??

Today, we are gonna share all the backstories, starting from how to create a free blog as a beginner to start generating money out of it.

So, without any further ado, we will properly guide you now, how to make a blogging website and become a successful blogger that can generate good money from blogging.

First things first, Know about Blogging Basics:

What is Blogging?

Blogging is simply an ordered form of content to share information and knowledge in a fun and more interactive way to create an interaction with the readers.

Back while blogging started, people use it as an online portal for gaining knowledge, infact it was created in a more formal and sophisticated way, just to deliver information.

But, today, in this digital era, anything you have a good grip in, in which you can provide information and share knowledge, likely, there is a blog for it. Like, fitness blog, health blog, dating blog and lot more. You must have the art to interact with your visitors in a proper and targeted manner.

Why do people start blogging more frequently?

There are tons of reason why do people start their own blog. Due to the easy availability of free resources and support from big tech giants, you can even start a blog for free and make money from it. Google’s, WordPress and many more website builders give you the power to create a free website and start earning money.

Blogging is really a very powerful option when it comes in question on how to make money. Because blogging provides knowledge on a particular niche, user’s interactions is the key reason for its success.

Regardless of what thoughts you have, blogging is the best hobby you can have, and, you can make a living from it, if done orderly.

How to Create a Blog – 3 Easy Steps to follow

Step #1: Pick the right niche

The first step is picking the right niche, it works just as Harry Potter first choose its magical wand. So, take time and think about the niche that is made for you only, and you have the power to share the right knowledge on it.

If you have a good grip in photography, go for photo blogging tutorial blogs. If you want to share recipes and food stories, go for food blogging, and that’s it, it works like that.

Take time and think about your perfect niche to start. But, don’t take much time for an initial start.

Step #2: Choose the right blogging platform

There are tons of blogging platform, where you can create a free website and make money online. Sites like,, are famous website builder where you can even create a free blogging site for free, with certain terms and conditions.

Our pick would be to start with initially as a beginner. Wondering why? Because it is totally free to use service, unlike other sites, you can also set a custom domain name for free. and above all its a Google’s service, so you can fully rely on their server speed, uptime and security protection.

If you already have basic knowledge on how to start Blogging, then you can choose WordPress and a hosting to start off. Here, you need a separate hosting server to store data, prices go between 2$ to 5$ monthly. 

A matter of fact, around 33% of the total websites are running on WordPress, some big websites are TechCrunch, Sony Music, MTV News, BBC America and a lot more.

Wrapping up the costs involves:

  • Domain Charges: 10$ to 15$ yearly
  • Hosting charges: 25$ to 50$ yearly is enough to start with

Step #3: Get Hosting with a domain name

If you initially go with Blogger Blogspot, you need no hosting package, except domain name. Google’s Blogger is the only place, where you get something extra for free, like, super fast hosting, html editing, adding custom domain and much more. 

But, every free things is not good, there are certain things which you will never get from Blogger, wix or, after using the platforms in depth you will know all the limitations on each platform in a more minute details. 

Some or anyone of the below mentioned limitations on using these free site builders are:

  • You don’t have a custom name option (except Blogger Blogspot)
  • Web hosting limitations (like 1gb or 5 gb in total) Sometimes it is suffiecient but now always
  • No plugins allowed(in only)
  • No Monitisation allowed (except Blogger Blogspot)
  • Full website might get deleted without any notification (if not complaint with the site’s policy)

If you want everything to do on your website, and work independently, then its better to purchase a hosting, domain name and follow all the DIY steps and procedures on installing wordpress(.org).

So we learned the basic steps on how to create a blog, after you build your site, you can make your site ready for making money online. So below are the steps on how to make money from blogging.

Ways to monitise your blog:

  1. Adsense: This is again a Google’s product, and you know very well that how relevant will it be. Bloggers have a craze on how to approve their site on Google Adsense. Among all the Ads Network, Adsense is the best from all, as it doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement. To get qualified for adsense, your site must have these below mentioned basic requirements:
    1. Have atleast 30 High-Quality unique articles, each having 500 words.
    2. Have a proper navigation menus
    3. Zero traffic is better than invalid and bot traffic
    4. No other spam ads networks used in site(spam ad networks like any popup ads, pop under ads)
    5. No extream adult content allowed
  2. Affiliate Marketing: This monetization option is quite helpful if you have a right targeted users. Review websites, tech websites, education websites can perform well under this monetization option.
  3. Direct sponsorship: If you can manage to contact direct advertisers, then you can add banner ads to promote their site directly from your website. This eliminates the ads network commission, hence it will give you a good return.

Final Thoughts

So, now, you are a blogger and you know the basic steps on how to create a blog, a website and make passive money out of it, right. Now, it’s up to, work harder and harder for at least one year on posting articles and redesigning your blog. You will definitely get a good result after 1 and a half year. If things go well, you can generate at least 5k page views per day, with proper SEO and promotions.