Top 4 Free SEO tools that you must use | For Webmasters

Free is awesome, right? Today in this blog, we will discuss the FREE SEO TOOLS that are essential to grow your website visitors and boost your Google SERP rankings. 

FREE SEO TOOLS for Webmaster

So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the top shortlisted FREE SEO TOOLS to start with:

#1 AlsoAsked

This is tool where you can get all the “people also asked” questions, that appears in Google SERPs at one place. It becomes easier for you to find out the important questions that appeared in Google SERPs. Now, after collecting all the important questions you can then publish a shinny blog into your website to rank faster.

#2 AnswerThePublic

This is a phrase finder tool that people searched in Google query bar. Suppose you can often see that if you type the first word in search bar, then automatically a phrase appears, and here is what “answer the public” does. It can bring all the questions and phrases in one place and give you a result that is more optimised and easy to understand. It will definitely save your time. After getting all the phrases, you can publish an article using those keywords, phrases and questions that are generated inside AnswerThePublic.

#3 Google’s Keyword Planner

This is Google’s Tool, and you can get an idea that how good this tool is as it is from Google’s own development team. Keyword Planner will help you to get a better metrics about the searched keywords on Google’s Search bar. Most probably, you will get an idea on the competition level, search volumes, Highest CPC, Lowest CPC and regions. This will help you to gain knowledge on the demands of a certain keyword.

#4 Ubersuggest

This is on a FREEMIUM model, but a free version of this tool is more than sufficient for you to rank your blog and to get ideas on competitors targeted keywords. You can get almost everything inside the dashboard on the free version. This tool mainly used to get idea on competitors, backlinks generated, and keywords ranked. You can try it once, as it comes for free. Also, there is a lifetime offer, which is very good compared to other major SEO Tools companies that costs more than 99$ per month. Atleast you get Ubersuggest lifetime plan for 120$ only.

#5 Google Search Console

This is webmaster free tools, here you can submit your released blog pages or website pages for indexing it on Google SERPs. Want to know how many searched and clicked onto your website from Google SERPs? Then this tool is just for you. You can get the number of clicks, impressions, rank positions and CTR on submitted pages. This tool is awesom and will give you a sufficient idea about the ranking metrics from Google search bar only.

Final Thoughts on FREE SEO tools

If you are starting as a new blogger or a webmaster, then always start with the FREE versions. FREE SEO TOOLs are more than enough to grow your site and rank higher. Try it test it and if you want to track more keywords then buy it after generating traffic from your site.