How to build an online presence from scratch

In today’s generation, learning how to build a strong online presence from scratch is the most important thing to achieve.
To achieve some goals, you must start by creating an audience base online. Building a strong online presence is like building a shop in a crowded place. The more audience network you can create the more leads you can generate.

Today in this article, we will guide you on-steps and procedure on how to build an online presence. We will show four primary methods of setting up your online presence with ease. Each one have their own costs, investments, pros and cons. So lets begin without any further ado.

So, basically, there are four major platforms where you can make a strong online presence.
So, here lets go through four main social platforms by which you can make a good online presence.

Four major platforms to create a strong online presence

These four platforms have their own strategies, costs, and time to invest.

#1 A Social Media Page:

The best thing of creating a Social Media page for Online Presence brand identity is that it is almost free to everyone. Anyone can create their own Facebook page or an Insta Page to showcase their services. Even nowadays, you can also create an e-catalog on WhatsApp too. Awesome, right? Free with no extra cost and you just stepped in to create an Online presence where you can also communicate with your visitors.

#2 A WordPress site: (best to build an online presence)

WordPress(.org) is basically a site-building software. Here you need some time to invest and even some money too. The main pro of this platform is that the possibilities to showcase is endless and you can present your website in almost any way you want. But, you need some technical skills, and you have to invest some money on purchasing a domain name, hosting and some premium theme(optional) to continue. So here you go, one of the best possible way to create a DIY website and to showcase your products and services to reach out customers and to make a good online presence. Cool, isn’t it?

#3 Wix site:

Wix is a powerful website builder among all, and the price is also reasonable. There is a free version also, you can give a try. Nothing much to say in this, you can explore it and experience their service. That’s it.

#4 Blogger Blogspot:

Blogger Blogspot is Google’s service and you can do almost all the editing and creating a new website for free. All services on it are free and you can run a full fleged website without even paying a penny if you have the technical knowledge. Give this a try too.

Some Bonus ways to boost up your Online Presence easily are mentioned below:

#1 Google Adwords:

You can run Google Adwords(Google Ads) campaign to gain more visitors and customers online within a few days of starting a campaign. This procedure needs investments and you will get instant results.

#2 Search Engine Optimisation:

This is a long term benefit if you do it correctly, you will get really good targeted visitors even after a proper SEO done previously. The main focus is to rank up your site on major search engine like Google, Bing & Yahoo in their first page on a targeted keyword.

#3 Content Marketing:

This is a part of SEO but it has a major role to attract visitors, start by writing blogs about product-related informations like usage, benefits, why that product is useful to your customers, product comparison and all these. If your content triggers customer’s mind then you can build a good online reputation and presence.

#4 Influencer Marketing

This requires money to get started and a lot of research to find the right influencer. Basically, you need to contact a social media influencer (like fb, insta, youtube) who have a good number of subscribers and followers related to your niche. And after a mutual contract, that influencer will market your product and brand to gain an online presence. That’s it. Now, it needs your policies and strategies to gain more by spending the right amount of money.

Final thought on achieving an Online Presence

So all the above-mentioned steps and procedures are somehow useful and are experienced in real-world also. You can give a try to the above-mentioned ways and techniques. Do some research on Google and find out some other useful way that matches your niche and requirements. And walaaa, You have just started achieving your online presence.