How to make a WordPress website?

Thinking to start a WordPress website? It’s easy to start, but before starting a WordPress powered website, you must have proper planning and idea on how to start and how to survive. Before getting deep on how to make a WordPress website, you must know all the expenditures, steps and procedures to grow your first WordPress website. So, further, in this blog, we have decided to chalk out the steps by step process that are needed to know how to make a WordPress website without any gigantic codings from scratch.

This guide is useful for all the learners, who are interested to start their own WordPress website, be it a blog or a business product showcase website. There are several ways to build up a website from scratch, you may hire a developer, you may use a website builder or you may use some social media pages as your own site, but on every platform, there are some disadvantages. If you learn how to make a website on WordPress, then its for sure that you can cut off all the barriers in the process. And, the best part is, you yourself can do the needful process to build up a running live website.

So, before starting, here are the following steps in short, that we are going to discuss:

  • Understanding the basic fundamentals of WordPress website
  • How to pick the correct niche
  • How to decide a domain name, and purchase it.
  • How to choose a correct hosting platform
  • Get into the WordPress dashboard.
  • Edit your homepage
  • Create basic pages(disclaimer, about us, and 3 more)
  • Post your first blog post
  • Create a WordPress menu (primary and footer menu)
  • And, yeah!! now you are ready for the profits. (but, most probably, it depends upon you.)

#1 Understanding the basic fundamentals of WordPress website

WordPress is good, as a beginner, you can easily set up websites to showcase your articles, daily blogs, products or services, whichever you want. But, you need some minor investments like hosting, domain and your own time towards your website. Making a website doesn’t mean that you will become rich overnight. You must have some patience and contribute some quality time towards your blog. For the first 1 year, expect no money, and work hard to make it grow more. After 1 year, your blog will definitely generate money, if you worked as per the steps and plans.

#2 How to pick the correct niche

Niche is a very important factor for your hard work and website growth. Let us assume you are starting a blog, and you choose cooking as your niche, but in reality, you don’t have any idea, now you only think, how can you give your own views on the articles? So, always choose the right niche, that you can easily cope up with the future updates, trending and popularity.

#3 How to decide a domain name, and purchase it.

A domain name is required to give your own brand identity. There are tons of popular domain registrar in the market. Google, Dynadot, Godaddy to name a few. A .com domain extension would cost around 15$ per year(or, 1000 INR yearly. So, think a good brand name related to your company and just give a shot.

#4 How to choose a correct hosting platform

Hosting as a beginner website doesn’t matter a lot. You can purchase a yearly hosting from Namecheap, Hostinger or Godaddy basic. All the basic shared hosting can be purchased at maximum 50$ yearly(or, 3500 INR). Kindly note, all these are basic website and is sufficient enough to handle up to 300 to 400 visitors daily, depends on the website size and media uploads.

#5 Get into the WordPress dashboard.

The default WordPress dashboard is very easy to understand as it is having a very clean user interface, have a look on the screenshot below. You can post articles and pages as your wish from the menu you can see on the screenshot. Nothing to say more on this, you will easily understand after you get started.

#6 Edit your homepage

Give your own touch on the homepage. For this, visit “pages” -> “all pages” ->select your homepage, customise it and you are ready with your homepage. Add some photos and you are done. Next step.

#7 Create basic but necessary pages

For any kind of website, there are mainly 5 pages that are necessary for your blog or website. These are Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Contact us, Disclaimer & About us page. All these pages can be generated by the automatic generator, you can find by doing a google search easily. Or, comment below if you need any assistance.

#8 Post your first blog post

Now, after you set up your website’s basic things, you can now step further and post your first blog article. For that, go to the “post” section and start writing your first article. And, that’s it, you will get to know further after you continue. Go ahead and you are ready to take off.

#9 Create a WordPress menu

Create necessary WordPress menu like header menu and footer menu, adjust the captions and boom, your menu is ready. Check the primary menu, and done.

#10 Profits….

This is the most essential part, but believe it or not, it depends on you and only you. Focus, quality and dedication all these things matter a lot in this. So, if you work hard, there are n number of possibilities to earn money from a single website. Step into it and you will automatically get to know about it in a much better way. 

In the end, I would like to say, you have to keep patience for at least 1 year, give time and focus on quality traffic, do some SEO on your website, and there is it. You can definitely make a good amount of passive income from your blog.