How to Make Money Online 2020?

In today’s generation, with the growing demand of digital trends, everyone should learn these wonderful ways on how to make money online. In today’s blog, we will be learning some certain ways on how you can earn a good amount of money just by having a Laptop, an internet connection and some gained knowledge. 

Team RankOn.Net have listed some certain ways on how to make money online. These ways of making money using your internet connection are totally genuine, as we too hate fake surveys and all kinds of other spams. So, stay tuned with this blog and we will be knowing step by step on how you can achieve a good career by yourself.

Let us begin with the list of 5 ways on how to make money online:

#1 Blogging

Blogging is one of the best sources of earning money online. starting a blog with a good niche, obviously on which you have gained a special knowledge, can really be a money maker. Seems incredible, right? 

Blogging has a huge earning potential if you play it right. There are some famous bloggers, who are really generating a good amount of money, like Neil Patel, Sorav Jain, Souvik Karar and lot more. Now, you can too, if you want. So, now, we will learn how to earn money from Blogging.

  • Adsense (or, any other ads network): There is always a craze among bloggers while it comes on earning money with adsense. Among all the ads network, Adsense is the only ad network that can give you a genuine return with no conditions on traffic requirements, unless you bring them genuinely. If you have good quality traffic to your blog, then you can earn from Google Adsense easily, also, it will become a passive earning that can make your website profitable.
    Generally, Adsense pays for every click that a visitor does on your website ads banner. CPC(i.e cost per click) depends on country, niches and the quality of targeted traffic you bring into your site. You can have an average CPC of 0.05$ from India, while from the USA and UK, the CPC can be around 0.18$.
  • Affiliate Earning: Basically, Affiliate earning are those earn from blogging model where you can make any visitor purchase your targeted product and you receive a commission in return. This kind of earning works great if you have a very good quality of targeted visitors and contents that can trigger visitors to click on the banner ads and make a purchase. Basically, there are many product reviews site who are using these affiliate model and believe me, it can take some years to grow, but after few years of working, it will be worth the effort and time. Companies like Hosting review sites, Amazon product review site are using these kinds of affiliate earning models.
  • Sponsored Content or Guest Posting: This is a special category site, where you have to invest time, energy and money. This site uses the concept of adsense earning and sponsorship content. People will mail you for submitting their content with some certain conditions (like having unique content, 1 backlink and other more) and in return, they will pay you. this is a very nice concept but there are certain ways to implement, if you want to know more, then comment below, we will publish a fresh article on this.

#2 Utility Website

There are many types of utility sites you can start with. But developing this kinds of sites requires a lot of investments and manpower. Sites like Neil Patel’s Uber Suggest, Ahref Tools, SEO Cheker site, Calculator sites have gained a huge popularity and makes money online with ease. You can do it too, with proper planning and implementation. Some of these sites uses Adsense or subscription based or both types of earning models. Some case studies of some popular sites, will be published soon.

#3 Start freelancing

Sites like Freelancer, fiverr and truelancer is a good way to start. Nope not at all, you need to work harder and harder. It takes time to reach that high, but once you create a proper work culture and provide good quality service to your customers, you can earn a good recurring income every month. You can start off by applying on various facebook groups, linkedin pages and sometimes in Fiverr(but not at all recommended from my end). A bare minimum charges of Digital Marketing freelancing charges are as stated below:

  • Content Writing( starts from INR 0.30 PPW)
  • On Page SEO (starts from 5000 INR)
  • Off Page SEO (starts from 10000 INR monthly)
  • Web designing and development (starts from 10000 INR)
  • Online Tutoring (starts from 3000 INR per students per subject)
  • And, much more, probably whatever service you can provide online.

Final Thoughts on Making money online

So, now you know at least some ways on how to make money online, right?? There are more tons of ways by which you can generate a passive income and earn money online. For this, you need to dedicate your time, energy and money into your freelance time. You can make yourself successful and start generating money after a few months of hard work.
Kindly note that the above-stated ways to earn online income are not a marketing gimmick, those are real and you will be able to start generating a good return if you work hard on those topics.

If you want more then we will also publish Part 2 of this article. Comment below for any suggestions and thanks for reading, guys. We will be back with another article soon, till then stay happy and always keep smiling.