9 Reasons for slow website loading

You might have heard the golden proverb, Slow and steady, wins the race. But when it comes to your business website, it seems to be lil bit opposite. A high-speed website is a must for your website and it is one the major ranking factor for getting ranked on Google SERP. 

So, today we will discuss the reasons for slow website loading speed. Loading speed depends on several factors, and thus you must know all the precise reasons for a slow website that can severely drop down your website ranking.

So, wanna know the Reasons for a Slow Website Loading?

#1 Server Performance

Always remember, when someone opens your website for the first time (either by visitor or by bots) your website loads from scratch. So, having a high-speed server is what all you need to not only survive in the competition but also to rank better too. Thus, choosing a branded hosting is always recommended to you all. There are several tools like tools.pingdom.com or tools.keycdn.com/speed, where you can check the speed of your server and analyze how it is going.

#2 Server Location

Next is server location. This is not as major as server performance, and nowadays a good CDN or a cloud hosting server can also solve the issue. Here, this factor refers to which location you have a major audience versus your server locations. For example, if you have Indian Audiences, then always choose Indian server location. But, let me remind you, you can choose a free CDN or configure a good cache system via htaccess or Plugins too to sort out this issue.

#3 Unoptimized Images

This is one of the major reasons for slow website loading. You have to optimise your images, I repeat, all images. Today, you can find many free tools to optimise the size of the image without degrading image quality. Google itself has launched its own compression format i.e webP format. It can compress your images up to 90%. Isn’t it awesome?

#4 Lots of Traffic

If you experience a lot of sudden traffic spikes, just upgrade your hosting without a second thought. Today’s branded shared hosting can handle upto 200 Right now users and in some cases, it can handle upto 400 right now. But if you are experiencing more than that, then just upgrade your hosting, or else your server might crash and will show error 505.

#5 Cheap Shared Hosting

Many new bloggers tend to buy hosting from cheap and unbranded hosting providers, while it comes at a cheaper price that doesn’t mean it is good for your hosting. We have even say 20INR per month hosting. It’s for sure that they are using some sort of buggy or pirated CPanel to manage their server. It’s good if you just want to try for your experience but it’s not at all recommended. Always go for a branded one, like Hostinger, Digital Ocean, DreamHost and a lot more, if you want to stay longer.

#6 Too Many HTTPS requests

Another major factor we say is that there are a lot of websites who use too many HTTPS requests, one thing they don’t understand is that it delays the website to load itself completely. Using CSS tricks like Sprite images, lazy loads, Optimized sliders etc can do the needful.

#7 Too many Plugins (WordPress Only)

WordPress is really a good CMS for newbies but at first, you must focus on how to optimise it initially. Like too many use of Plugins and inactive themes is not at all recommended.

#8 Unnecessary redirections

Using proper and one step redirection can help you to load websites to upto 300ms faster. For example, if any visitor types yourdomain.com then directly it must redirect to https://www.yourdomain.com and not on https://yourdomain.com then https://www.yourdomain.com.

#9 Unoptimised Codes

If you are on WordPress then always choose a good theme provider, don’t go for pirated one. If you have your website coded by a developer, ask them to code them properly with sprite images, prefetch tags, lazy loads, small sliders etc. Unoptimized codes are one of the major factors for malfunctioning of websites even if your site is optimised properly with the above-mentioned points.

So, that’s it for today. We hope you follow the points properly. If any suggestions and enquiries are there, comment below to get a perfect solution. Thanks.