How to do an SEO Competitive Analysis?

Competitive Analysis is something that all website masters must do to seriously rank up their websites. Unfortunately, many of them are either doing wrong or doing it inefficiently. A thorough competitive analysis has the potential to turn up any website’s fortune. Your website will have a greater impact and have a higher targeted reach.

A good competitor analysis can help your website to overcome any weaknesses in your SEO strategy, new or missing process inside your SEO roadmap, and to identify the strengths of your competitor.

A good competitor is not rocket science, you just need to put all your efforts to find out the SEO strategy of your targeted competitor. SEO Competitor analysis is, here, acts as a powerful research technique that can help you to successfully listed in top 10 Search results.

Good Competitor analysis can help you with the following information:

  • Who are my actual competitors with the same solutions as we provide?
  • What keywords should I target to outrank my site?
  • What topic should I cover in upcoming interactions with my audiences?
  • Upcoming targeted backlink creation for higher reach

There are several ways involved in Competitor analysis, but the main focus will be to analyze what’s working for your competitors and to implement it on your own’s site, that’s it. But, is this much only?

What exactly Competitor Analysis is?

A fine-tuned Competitor Analysis will showcase the links generated, keywords, content of your competitor’s page and more tricks and techniques used by your competitors which you aren’t aware of.

Instead of working on new and unknown keywords, focus on and analyze the keywords used by your competitors first. Your main target is to showcase your website where your competitors are already showcasing on the internet.

So, to jot down the points, in short, the following ways are involved in the process.

Finding true SEO competitors

The easiest way to analyze competitors is to use free tools that are available in the market, the only drawback is that you will get limited numbers of your website’s competitors. But that’s okay to start with. Use MOZ’s Domain Analysis Tool to find out your competitors in seconds.

Keywords Gap analysis

Keyword Gap analysis is the process of finding which keywords, your competitors, have ranked their websites, and you haven’t. These keywords are the most valuable keywords and can help you to outrank your competitor. Therefore, it will directly affect your overall rank in Google SERPs.

Content analysis

In this step, analyze the type of content published OnPage and OffPage for a particular type of webpage of your competitor. Then pitch back the same quality content and implement it on your own site.

Link analysis

This step included how your competitors have spread their website links to other sites. This is one of the main procedures and you have to do it minutely to get the best results.

Google SERP analysis

In this step, just simply type the keywords that you are currently using on your site then check all the top 10 sites on SERP. And, you are ready with a handful of competitors to compete with. Go ahead and start these techniques soon.