Start A Blog FAQs | Tips | Short Steps

Wanna know how to start blogging, we have already covered a topic on Start a blog, that is very lengthy, if you want to know in-depth, you can read that blog. But, for a short overview, we will today discuss some points, tricks, short steps, FAQs and so on. Read this important blog till the end. Part of this topic has been specially shortlisted from other big bloggers on the internet.

Start a blog

You can start a blog very easily, today there are tons of free hosting sites, that provides free website hosting to store your files for free public views. In short, you can use free hosting and run live online. Tell your story, educate audiences and do whatever you want, the only thing you have to do is to interact with your audiences in a fruitful manner.

Learn how to write

You should know how to write, how to satisfy your audiences with your wonderful article writing skills. A proper sense of writing content is essential for blogging. A major part of starting a blog is to learn how to write. It is all about expressing yourself at the time of impressing your audiences at the same time.

Start Make money

After your setup and make your site live, you can start making money. Just go for adsense and keep your ads live on your site after your site gets approved. Adsense is the best ads network among all. Don’t go for any other ads network as a beginner.

Try to build your own brand

Always choose a domain name with a .com extension, and it must be unique and meaningful. It can be an unknow word or a totally new unique word. Try to make it a brand, so that if anyone types your brand name on Google, your site must come first on SERP.

What actually a blog is?

A blog is where you express your thoughts on a particular niche as an individual/company in a website. The main earning methods used by bloggers are ads network(like, adsense), sponsored post and affiliate commissions.

How to Start Blogging in 5 short, simple and crispy steps?

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Pick your platform
  3. Pick a perfect brand name
  4. Customise your blog with theme design
  5. Be consistent and post something relevant frequently

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is used by 30% of overall websites live till now. And, the number is growing daily. WordPress for beginners is the best, because there is no coding barrier and almost everyone can use WordPress due to its simple and smooth interface.

How to gain visitors?

Try to post your blog in every social media platforms. You can start trying with your own social media handles like Facebook, whatsapp status and Twitter. All these will be effective and can easily attract a certain number of visitors that would be efficient for you as a beginner. 

How to make a successful blogging website?

Remember, “Content is the king”. If your content is good and attractive and can be able to drag the attention then no matter what your design is, it will definitely rank at its best position. So always focus on quality rather than site designs and UI. It can be done later on.

Final Conclusion on Starting a blog

Although blogging seems to be easy and wonderful, but it requires a lot of hard work and consistent effort. You can earn a good passive income after 1 year of starting a blogging website. But before that time cap, try to focus more on your site content and marketing of your site. It will definitely grow if you work hard consistently.