Eye-catching Website Content Writing

Hey there, today we will learn how to write eye-catching website content. You have definitely heard about the popular phrase “Content is the King” and thus we have decided to dedicate a complete article on Website Content Writing. The biggest question here lies is how to start with great content, right? 

So, lets clear up one thing, to start with great content, one must have a great idea and knowledge on that particular niche. Niche is the main thing that one must decide very carefully. You might find tons of article on any kind of niche, but in order to write great content, you must have that niche knowledge to a higher extent. In this way, your content will definitely become more attractive and engaging too.

But, yeah, there are some steps that we have specially shortlisted too, to help you out to guide you in website content writing.

So, let’s begin with the steps on website content writing.

#1 Determine the purpose of writing an article or a blog post

There are many bloggers who just paraphrase the whole content that is already posted on some other websites. But, this will not that much effective to your viewers. You cannot write an article without knowing the purpose of writing it. So, the first step is to know the purpose of your content writing, i.e for whom you are writing, it may be an information blog, pitch blog or event blog. You must segment your article as per the vision of your visitors.

#2 Audience Researching

This is a major step by which you can target more audiences and know what they are actually searching for, in a more segmented and precise way. As a beginner, you can find lots of free tools on the internet. From all of them, only a few can be very handy, easy to use and more informative. Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Ahref (Free version), Uber Suggest (Free version) and Amazon Alexa. Use them, you will get to know more about audiences insights. Also, get topic ideas on google trends. Utilise them wisely, you will find it more useful then paid versions, as a beginner. The main purpose of using these tools is to know the purpose of the audiences, what they really want, how many want to know about a particular topic and their interests.

#3 Research Competitor’s website

This is a crucial step that must be done thoroughly and in a timely manner. You should keep an eye on your competitor. How your competitors are presenting themselves in front of your target visitors is an essential factor to compete with your competitors. You must know all the ways and its better to implement all the good changes with some better alternatives and modifications done by you on your platform. You can analyse your competitor in several website SEO tools, one of them is Alexa free tool. You can get an overview of all your related competitors. But, in a free version of Alexa, you can only research a limited number of websites and metrics. Another one is Google Search itself. You can type your website niche and you will get tons of results, then pick 5 of them and do your research, cool, right?

#4 Narrow down your ideas, research and knowledge gathered

Now, after gathering all the ideas, purpose and analysis, its time to narrow down your ideas properly and in a step by step manner. It now, when you must know how you will interact finally with your audiences and how will they navigate in a properly directed way. Whatever you write, it must solve the purpose. 

#5 Write your content after checking out the points and keywords

Now, everything is ready, just start writing your website content. But, wait, there are also some basic & minor guidelines that you must follow:

  • Content must be more than 300 words
  • Must have at least one image with a proper alt tag
  • Must have few inbound links
  • Must have proper Header tags (h1, h2, h3 and so on)
  • Keyword density must not exceed 5% 
  • Keywords must be distributed properly inside the article

Final thoughts on Website Content Writing

There are several other guidelines, ways, and rules. Its nearly impossible to jot down all those in one article. We tried our best to provide the best guidelines and steps that you can follow to start website content writing from your end. Try your best. Utilize all the free tools to its best and you will get to know all the other steps in the process. That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this.